Mediterranean Health Benefits

Mediterranean Health Benefits

The Mediterranean cuisine is fresh, flavorful and healthy with optimal health benefits, and is less likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol or become obese. Recently researchers found significant health benefits associated with eating Mediterranean food, such as lower rates of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s; heart disease, cancer and diabetes risk as well as lower blood pressure.

In February 2009, in the New York Times blog, Tara Parker -Pope had an article, “Confusion About Mediterranean Cuisine”. She stated, ” … researchers reported on a link between Mediterranean-style eating and better brain health. But every time a new report emerges on the health benefits of Mediterranean eating, many consumers are left scratching their heads. How could countries that gave us Pizza, Lasagna, Steak Frites and a like teach us anything about healthful eating?”

The origin of this delicious and healthy food is not on the Europe part of the Mediterranean coastal countries food recipes. The Mediterranean Sea shores nations are rich in culture and history; the region spans a wide variety of cultures, and has some connections of common elements in the foods but they do not share typical recipes. Also, the French, Italian and Greek foods have loads of cheese and meat in them.

The cuisine, we serve is originate from the communities of the south and east of the Mediterranean Sea the Arab region. From Syria /Turkey , Lebanon, and Palestine that includes Jordan & Israel, and partially Greece, Egypt, Iran and as far as Sudan and Yemen

The Mediterranean-eating recipe we serve is typical focused on simple cooking and includes all the foods you already eat, just in different proportions. The method consists of meats, poultry, fishes, dairy, vegetables, legumes, seeds, herbs, spices with moderate amounts of meat. Meats, poultry, and dairy are consumed in small portions regularly and the portions are smaller than typically consumed in a Western diet.

Olive oil is the most prevalent fat or oil used in the preparation of the foods and the source of dietary fat used for cooking, baking, and for salads dressing. The calcium in feta cheese and yogurt are important for bone and heart health, exceptionally butter and fats other than olive oil are consumed infrequently and fish is not typically battered and fried in Mediterranean cuisines.

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