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Vegetarian, Mediterranean & Ethiopian food Restaurant, Plus Coffee Shop & Bourbon Bar

Addis Grill is a 100% Vegan food, prime Vegetarian friendly restaurant; the choice of Mediterranean food & Ethiopian cuisine Restaurant in Louisville. It is also a large coffee shop & Bourbon Bar that serve Single origin coffee beans, over 110 quality bourbon selections and Liquor by package as Liquor Store.

We serve healthy and delicious Steaks and Chicken Kabobs, Seafood, Mediterranean food and authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We are the first choice for Vegetarian in Louisville with variety of 100% Vegan food options of Mediterranean & Ethiopian entrees than any restaurant in Louisville.

Popular for many Indian food style, Mediterranean food and Ethiopian cuisines with the most authentic enjera “the flat spongy Ethiopian bread made of Teff, and the most delicious rice in town. We have outdoor seating, free WiFi and parking for one ($1) with our validation.

Try Fresh Yummy Food !

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Addis Grill is located at 109 S. 4th Street, near KICC Convention Center, YUM Center, Actors Theater and the GALT HOUSE Hotel, with fast lunch and a quiet dining service restaurant. Addis Cafe at 105 S. 4th Street is a large coffee shop & Bourbon Bar that serve Single origin coffee beans, and fully stocked of beers, spirits with over 110 items of bourbon selections and Liquor store that sell by package.

  • Delicious Vegan & Specialty Restaurant
  • Best for Vegetarian Hummus and Falafels
  • More Steaks and Chicken kabobs
  • Expert in Healthy Seafood Selections
  • Best Mediterranean food Restaurant
  • Authentic Ethiopian Food Restaurant
  • Fresh Local Lamb Meat

Addis Cafe

  • Best Bourbon Bar & Bourbon Choices
  • Special Ethiopian Coffee Shop
  • Single Origin Beans Coffee Shop
  • Fresh Local Halal Lamb Meat
  • Friendly Service and Outdoors Seating
  • Free WiFi Service Restaurant
  • Parking $1 with our validation



Ethiopian Food

10:00 AM Monday - 05 Sept 2016

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Specialty Coffee House

Specialty Coffee House

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony coming soon

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