Vegan, Mediterranean Grill & Ethiopian Restaurant - Whisky and Tequila Bar

Vegan, Mediterranean Grill & Ethiopian Restaurant - Whisky and Tequila Bar

Welcome to Addis Grill

Vegan, Mediterranean & Ethiopian Restaurant

Help, We'er Affected by COVID-19

Vegan, Mediterranean Grill and Ethiopian Restaurant - Whiskey and Tequila Bar

Addis Grill is Vegan, Mediterranean and Ethiopian Cuisine, Fresh Local Food Restaurant. Every chicken, lamb and meat entree on the menu is prepared from fresh local young chicken, fresh local lamb and lean beef meat.

We have been prime vegan restaurant, for variety of healthy and delicious vegan dishes, with gluten free and carb-free options all made from organic ingredients; furthermore, the flavorful healthy fish platter is carefully select according to the "Safe to Eat Seafood", timely recommendations of the Seafood Watch - Official Site of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's. ; and the Washington Dept. of Health - "Healthy Fish Guide".

We have worked hard to be the preferred restaurant by people working in the area, out of town visitors, conventioneers and local patrons. Also, we have reinvested whatever we gained in the require renovation and capacity expansion of the place to be competitive in the area where nationally recognized and chain restaurants dominate.

Since COVID-19 Pandemic, our bustling business district vicinity has turned practically into a ghost town and our business has been none existent. So far we have exhausted our funds in hand to make up for the deficit and on top of all this, the shortage of supply has complicated further our effort to keep going.

Unfortunately, we are also excluded from the federal government disaster reliefs loans and naturally, no bank would lend us any money whatsoever. With no clear end in sight to the situation, we are forced to turn to you for help to keep all of us “owners and employees” on our feet. Thank you for taking time to see our plea for help and we will forever be grateful for your kindness

Help, We'er Affected by COVID-19



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10:00 AM Monday - 05 Sept 2016

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